The Green Lizard

The name of the first book, “The Purple Space Caterpillar” was going to be the title for all of it when I planned on this being one book, but after finishing… I decided it would be pretty intimidatingly long as one book. So I needed a title for the trilogy, and keeping with the animal+colour theme, it is now called “The Green Lizard”, since it follows the life of a green lizard. Who says titles needs to be fancy or pretentious? Mine are straight forward and easy to remember.

This is a trilogy that follows the life of Kathos DuPaillant from the being a relatively carefree young man, to being a more responsible middle aged adult. His growth as a person, resolve to overcome life’s obstacles, and interpersonal relationships are probably the main point of the story.

Each book clearly has its own unique plot arc, so it ended up making a lot of sense to turn it into three books instead of one super long book. In order, they are: The Purple Space Caterpillar, The Red Rooster (aka The Crimson Cock), The Pink Pangolin.

About each book, the first one is almost just a collection of light hearted stories, although it does have adult themes like drugs and sex. The last book is a crazy roller coaster, and a lot more serious. The middle book is kind of the rising action/suspense so that it’s not a complete shock when you get from point A to point Z.

It’s set in a wacky, not-as-utopian-as-promised, sci-fi universe, so these aliens have plenty of relatable social situations, sometimes more real, sometimes more satirical.

It also has weird mad science, psionically induced hypnotic trips, some nice descriptions of alien peoples and places, silly stories, serious stories, and a well developed universe with more LORE behind it than I could have possibly fit into one trilogy, if any of those things are your schtick.


(word count: 74 098)

A young Scyllithan named Kathos DuPaillant, who left his homeworld in search of a better life, lands himself an interesting job on a space ship working in the science field, or maybe the mad science field. He is to be an assistant to the much more awkward and out of place alien scientist, Doctor Beto Amarel. Also on that space ship lives the purple space caterpillar named Leta, a unique, one of a kind alien who’s origins are a mystery.

Kathos naively muddles his way through a brave new alien world, which takes him to several interesting places across the Union of Systems, a supposedly equal and democratic nation born out of the ashes of the old Brinrikian Empire only two decades ago.

But how does it read? Well it’s definitely a cartoon in literary form, and it’s certainly satirical or sarcastic at times. Each chapter is like a different episode, and there’s fifteen of them in this season, each one about 4000-5000 words. Enjoy.

Read the first chapter of TPSC online here.

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paperback: eventually

Created with GIMP

Created with GIMP

(wordcount: almost 98 000 words)

Things pick up in the sequel to The Purple Space Caterpillar. Four years after making their important discovery about what Hekates really are, work has been progressing steadily, but personal life has not been progressing for Kathos. He finally meets someone on the surface of Rike, the planet he is usually in orbit around, to have a normal friend outside of his abnormal work life. Meanwhile, the political situation in the Union of Systems only becomes more precarious as opposing zeitgeists radicalize, and people lose faith in the system.

There are still plenty of whacky themes and situations in this story, from psychedelic drugs to barbecue with swamp savages, but there are also more serious themes of religion, philosophy, politics, and especially character relations in this book, as compared to the first one. If the last book was a cartoon in literary form, then this one switches back and forth between being a dramatic anime and adult loony toons. Eighteen chapters in this season. Enjoy.

Read the first chapter of TRR/TCC online here.
Note: as it is a new book, I re-describe all the main characters. If you don’t need that refresher, then you can skip those paragraphs.

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Updates: Jan 25, 2020 – Big rewrite in second half of chapter 4 so that I finally like it.
Nov 24, 2019 – straightening out of events in “Historical” and relatively significant edit.
paperback: eventually


(stand in picture for The Pink Pangolin, because I don’t have the cover ready yet)

Definitely the most serious book in the series. It has extreme ups and downs, and some real hardships for the main character, Kathos. The other two books were just exposition to get you attached to the characters before I made bad things happen to them, so you could suffer with them. By the end, it should be hard to tell if either side of the conflict are the good guys, or who is less-bad, but Kathos tries his best to be a good guy.

Read the first chapter of TPP online here (soon).
Note: as it is a new book, I re-describe all the main characters. If you don’t need that refresher, then you can skip those paragraphs.

If you like it, then come toss virtual loonies at me on Amazon.
ebook: soon
paperback: eventually

Discovery – the prologue to TPSC

Ironically, I recommend reading at least TPSC before reading its prologue to be able to fully appreciate the nostalgia relative to when TPSC takes place. I wrote this years and years ago very quickly, but finally got around the making it not terrible. A lot of it is in depth descriptions of Leta, as it’s about Psek Irani finding her in the first place, and doing the initial ground work to learn about her. It’s a good resource to go with the main story however, and has some Imperial nostalgia, and Matsily before she was an old prune. This prologue is about the length of two normal chapters, but is broken up into four pieces.

Read it online here



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