You may have already been able to assume this, but no, Arthur Bauin is not my real name, just a pen name. I’ve been writing and sometimes drawing since I was a kid, but now I’m starting to actually have something to show for it.

This started out as an easy way to share rough drafts of a story with some friends,  but now it’s actually getting finished, so I have to turn this into my professional site. That means adverts for the books, and organizing my image dumps.

For the story, go see The Green Lizard.

For artwork that’s been canonically officiated into the story lore, check this page.

For The Greatliest Show comics that I drew mostly in high school, check this page.

For other artwork, including imperfect attempts to draw things from the story lore, check this page.

For MAPS, Jasper, check this page.




If you’d like to get in contact with me, then the fastest way to do so would probably be to add me on discord at Groovy Grozzle#5471 (I’ll probably reject you if your avatar is some busty broad, because I’ll assume you’re a thot bot. So don’t use a picture of yourself if you’re a busty broad.)

Or if you don’t necessarily want me to reply in a timely fashion, then you can email me at ArtBauin@protonmail.com

Feedback is appreciated.

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